Woods Hole

Woods Hole is a power place of land and sea that keeps me, even when strong calls to leave tug. A Google search of Woods Hole quickly gives a picture that there’s no place like it.

In another place what I do wouldn’t have happened – for instance . . .

• My studio is by the ocean - thanks to the Crane family and the current sea level.

• Because he walked his dog past my studio, Chris Griner’s mind connected the potter behind the Coast Guard with the extra sediment headed overboard when he was on R.V. Oceanus in 1996.

• The art/science dichotomy that frustrated me for years also prepared me to pioneer with the ocean sediments when they came.

• The deep water port for ships makes it a hub.

• Being in Woods Hole is like traveling while staying put, because visitors come and can find me easily.

• All kinds of talents and stimulating conversations are common.

• Daily living brings people together and serendipity gets things done.

I look like I work alone but increasingly, I realize I’m in an organization of people without walls that reconfigures as projects and seasons change.

Woods Hole Makes me tick . . . sparkling light, moody fog, raging winds, aromatic wild flowers – always counterbalanced by those salt water slosh marks on the back walls of my studio that remind me who’s boss.


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